10-8 Video Body Camera Video Samples

Please note that the Body Camera sample videos below have been reduced in size and quality for optimum web viewing.

10-8 BC-C Body Camera Example

Video taken from the new 10-8 video BC2 HD body Camera.

10-8 Body Camera Traffic Stop

Video from the 10-8 Video BC2 HD Body Camera. Officer pulls over a vehicle for an equipment failure.

Tipsy In The Creek

Vehicle in front of deputy stops on bridge, where the passenger had planned on relieving himself. Then decided to go for a swim…First part of video was from the 10-8 HD4SD In Car Camera System. The last half was taken with the 10-8 BC2 Body Camera that also doubles as the officer’s mic for his walkie.

10-8 Video Body Cam with built in GPS

Demonstration of the optional GPS feature of the BC-2 Body Camera.

Night-time Traffic Stop

Taken with the 10-8 BC-2 Police Body Camera at night.

T-stop with 10-8 Video BC-2 Body Camera

Traffic Stop taken with the 10-8 Video BC-2 Police Body Cam.

Serving Arrest Warrant

Shot with 10-8 Video BC-2 Body Camera.